Overtime Photos

  • Main Gym

  • Main Gym

  • Main Gym

  • Weights and Mats

  • Weight Room

  • Weight Room

  • Weight Room

  • Main Entrance

  • Main Entrance

  • Hall to both gyms

  • East Gym

  • East Gym

  • East Gym

  • East Gym

  • East Gym

  • Penn State Head Coach Cael Sanderson

    The 4x NCAA Champion and Olympic Champion decided to just stop by unannounced to check out Overtime
  • Tour de Force Coaches

    Legendary college coaches Leo Kocher - Chicago and J Robinson - Minnesota
  • Tour de Force College Coaches

    Associate Head Coaches Luke Becker - Minnesota and Overtime founder Sean Bormet - Michigan
  • Matt Gentry

    2x Canadian Olympian trained at Overtime prior to the 2012 Olympics
  • Overtime Alumni

    Logan Arlis U of I, Brandon Precin 3x All-American Northwestern, Jon Morrison 2x All-American Oklahoma State, OT Coach Ed Giese, Nick Dardanes All-American Minnesota and Chris Dardanes 3x All-American Minnesota
  • OT Alumni 2016-17 Winter Break

    Trace Carrillo Air Force, AJ Jaffe Harvard, Vince Dietz St. Cloud, Aaron Kruk Harvard, Dan Radcliffe Central, Andrew Mehrholtz Virginia Tech, George Fisher Michigan, Haley Augello US Olympian, Matt Ferraro John Carroll, Matt Collum Missouri HS Coach, Lenny Bloom Cornell College and Sage Heller Hofstra
  • Winter Break 2016-17

    Overtime Alumni Angelo Silvestro SIUE, Trace Carello Air Force, AJ Jaffe Harvard, Andrew Mehrholtz Virgina Tech, Riley DeMoss Princeton, Christian Brunner Purdue, Dan Radcliffe Central College, Sage Heller Hofstra, Aaron Krupke Harvard and Coach Giese
  • Overtime Alumni

    Brandon Precin, Connor Bass, George Fisher and Pat Greco
  • OT Alumn Sparty Chino and Bobby Barnhisel

    College Grads
  • Private Lesson

    Working some Greco with US Marine wrestler Ray Bunker and UTC wrestler Cody Minnick
  • 2004 Cadet National Freestyle Champion Jimmy Kennedy

    2014 World Team Member and current National Team member
  • 2004 Cadet National Freestyle Champion Jimmy Kennedy

  • 4x Junior and 1x Cadet National Champion Max Nowry

    2x Double Champion Freestyle and Greco Champ same year
  • Max Nowry

  • 2009 Cadet National Champion Austin Marsden

  • Jr. All-American Austin Marsden

  • 2010 Jr. National Freestyle Champion Eddie Klimara

  • National Champion Eddie Klimara

  • 2012 Freestyle National Champion Bryce Brill

  • 2012 Freestyle National Champion Bryce Brill

  • 3 Overtime Cadet National Champions

    Jared Cortez, Ben Whitford and Brian Murphy
  • 2010 Cadet National Freestyle Champion Brian Murphy

    Jr. National All-American and College All-American, University of Michigan
  • 2010 Cadet National Freestyle Champion Brian Murphy

  • 2016 Olympian Haley Augello

  • 2011 Junior National Freestyle Champion Haley Augello

  • 2011 Cadet World Champion Haley Augello

  • 2013 Jr. National Freestyle Champion Jared Cortez

    Team Overtime Cadet and Junior National Champion
  • National Champion Ben Whitford

  • 2012 Jr. Freestyle and GrecoRoman Champion Ben Whitford

  • 2013 Cadet National Freestyle Champion Tyler Johnson

  • Interview with National Champion Tyler Johnson

    2013 Freestyle Cadet National Champion
  • 2012 Jr. National FS Champ Sam Brooks

  • 2016 Jr. National Freestyle Champion Austin Gomez

  • National Champion Austin Gomez

  • 2009 Jr. Freestyle Runner-Up Nick Dardanes

  • 2002 Junior National Freestyle All-American Donnie Reynolds

    Current Head Coach at Marmion Academy
  • 2003 and 2004 Junior Freestle All-American Sean Reynolds

    2002 Cadet All-American
  • Cadet and Junior Freestyle All-American Brandon Precin

    3X NCAA All-American at Northwestern University
  • All-American Chris Dardanes

  • 2009 Junior Freestyle All-American Chris Dardanes

    3x Collegiate All-American University of Minnesota
  • 2008 Junior Freestyle All-American Joe Roth

    Division I All-American Central Michigan University
  • All-American Angelo Silvestro

  • 2012 Junior Freestyle All-American Johnny Jimenez

    3rd Place Jr. Nationals 4x State Champion
  • Overtime National Champions

    Jon Morrison, Mike Benefiel and Max Nowry
  • Cadet and Junior Freestle All-Americans Carello and Traxler

  • National Champions Edwin Cooper and Eddie Klimara

  • All-American Jake Schramm

    Cadet and Freestyle National All-American
  • 2010-11 Cadet Freestyle All-American Sebastian Pique

  • All-American Sebastian Pique

  • Sebastion Pique

    Illinois State Champ and All-American
  • Junior Freestyle All-American Nick Gill

  • Junior National Freestyle All-American Michael Cullen

    3rd Place
  • Jr. and Cadet All-American Michael Cullen

  • Cadet and Junior All-American Nathan Traxler

  • 2013 Junior Freestyle All-American Kyle Akins

  • All-American Kyle Akins

  • All-American Andrew Mehrholtz

  • All-American George Fisher

  • Freestyle All-American Andrew Mehrholtz

  • All-American AJ Jaffe

  • 2013 Cadet National Finalist Trace Carello

  • All-American Christian Brunner

  • All-American Travis Piotrowski

  • All-American Tyler DeMoss

  • Junior Dual Champs

  • Junior Duals Champions Brian Murphy and Michael Cullen

  • 2016 Junior Duals

  • Junior Dual Champs

    OT Alumni Edwin Cooper, Zack Synon, Sparty Chino and Sebastian Pique
  • 2013 Freestyle All-Americans

  • Overtime Alumni

    Nick Nasenbeny, Johnny Jimenez and Anthony Bosco
  • Coach Giese

    Tour de Force
  • Coach Giese

    Not too old to teach the youngsters how to turn.
  • Overtime Leg Camp


Overtime Photos